Cully Park




Cully Park is our solution to a Cully neighborhood resident-identified need for access to local greenspaces. Beginning in 2012, Verde has transformed a 25-acre landfill from an environmental hazard into a community-designed park that includes features like an ADA-accessible children’s play area with a sensory wall, youth and adult soccer fields, a basketball court, an off-leash dog area, picnic areas, walking and biking trails, a habitat restoration area, and a Native Gathering Garden. For more information, please visit the Let Us Build Cully Park website.


Verde Landscape provided the landscape services for Cully Park, including the athletic fields, stormwater management, bioswales, plantings, and the Native Gathering Garden. Through enterprises like Verde Landscape, Cully Park provided job training opportunities and wealth building for minority- and women-owned businesses that designed and built the park.









72nd Avenue Green Street

Verde Landscape is especially proud of our work with Verde Builds to develop 72nd Avenue Greenstreet. Running north from its intersection with NE Killingsworth, NE 72nd Ave. was one of Cully’s many forgotten streets—an 860-linear-feet neighborhood street on crumbling asphalt with no stormwater infrastructure, no curbs, and a shoulder that collected and ponded stormwater. In response, Verde Builds and Verde Landscape developed the NE 72nd Greenstreet project, creating access to Cully Park and piloting non-standard street designs for reducing impervious area on street development.

Verde Landscape installed nearly 4,000 square feet of vegetated stormwater facilities along the 72nd Ave Green Street, including:

  • Tree planting
  • Bioswales
  • Plant establishments

Other key design elements completed by Verde Builds subcontractors includes a narrower (20-foot-wide) driving surface, flush curbs and a valley gutter that conveys stormwater runoff to vegetated stormwater facilities, 3,200 square feet of pervious paver parking areas and an extra-wide sidewalk, incorporating 7,000 square feet of pervious concrete.










Cully Park Celebration 101417_NH15216.jpg

72nd Avenue Community Garden

NE 72nd Green Street is currently being utilized by community members to access Cully Park’s community garden. Verde worked with nearby Scott School’s AVID program to design the community garden, culminating in a bilingual design celebration hosted at a Cully neighborhood church.

Verde Landscape built the garden based on students’ designs. The .68 acre facility was built in two phases. Phase A, completed October 2012, includes:

  • Sixteen 20’x20’ garden plots (which can be divided into subplots)
  • Seven 4’x8’ accessible raised beds
  • 300 square foot rain garden
  • Ecoroofs on the information kiosk and on the garden shed
  • Rainwater harvesting

Phase B, scheduled for completion in 2018, includes:

  • Perimeter swale
  • Terraced garden plots
  • Native plantings
  • Educational signage about the Garden’s stormwater management features









Cully Park 121217NHP_4556.jpg

Thanks and recognition for the design direction of the Native Gathering Garden goes to: Portland Youth and Elders Council, Native American Youth & Family Center (NAYA Family Center), Native American Community Advisory Council to Portland Parks, and attendees of community conversations hosted at PSU’s Native American Student and Community Center.

Thanks and recognition for the unending commitment of the project’s core group: Judy Bluehorse Skelton, Donita Sue-Fry, David Hall, Ridhi D’Cruz, Isabel Lacourse, Cary Watters, and Shawna Zierdt.

Native Gathering Garden

The Native Gathering Garden provides the unifying design theme for the entire park. Beginning in 2010, a committed core group of Native and non-Native community leaders turned to our Portland urban Indian community to define an indigenous garden design feature. Initially sized at 20,000 square feet, the Native Gathering Garden at Cully Park has grown to over 36,000 square feet.

The Native Gathering garden was constructed based on community design. Verde Landscape performed many of the landscaping elements, including:

  • Rough and fine grading
  • Soil Amendments
  • Pathway Construction
  • Stone work and hardscape
  • Weed Control
  • Erosion Control











Cully Park 111417NHP_4061.jpg

North Slope

Verde Landscape is providing habitat restoration on the North Slope of Cully Park, an 128,724 square feet area too steep for park features but a perfect site to bring habitat to the neighborhood. Previously, the slope was covered with a sparsely diverse mix of grasses, seeded many years ago to prevent erosion. The overall habitat value was low and the vegetation did little to filter stormwater runoff from the site.

Verde Landscape is restoring habitat to filter stormwater, prevent erosion and return native plants to the landscape. Services include:

  • Scraped vegetation and preparation for berm installation
  • Hydroseeding with native seed mix
  • Erosion control
  • Manual and chemical invasive vegetation control, including blackberry, Queen Anne’s Lace, Curly Dock, thistle, clover and others
  • Installation of 10 berms and soil amendments for planting trees, shrubs and ground covers
  • Installation of temporary drip and overhead irrigation system
  • Ongoing maintenance (hand weeding, spot spraying, mowing, grazing, irrigation)









Soccer Fields

Cully Park was designed primarily in partnership with input from over 100 neighborhood children and their families. The process focused on youth; including a youth soccer field in the design is a key feature that will serve as a place for recreation and community building once completed. Verde Landscape took the lead on constructing the Soccer Fields, performing:

  • Tilling and soil amendments

  • Rough and fine grading

  • Managing the sub-contracting for laser grading, irrigation and hydroseeding