Graduate from Verde Landscape Training Program Grows Independent Business


The Verde Landscape training program makes a deep investment in each Verde Landscape crewmember through classroom and on-the-job training. As illustrated by our most recent graduate Jesus Nunez Jr., the training program goes beyond teaching crewmembers the skills needed to perform our specialized services; it can also spark entrepreneurial inspiration.

Jesus, endearingly known as Chuey among the Landscape staff, joined the Verde Landscape crew in 2007. He has trained and worked with Verde Landscape for 10 years, and more recently became interested in building his own business.

Chuey registered his business, JN Maintenance LLC, with the State of Oregon in 2017. Operating during non-Verde work hours, he has already grown in capacity. Chuey began by managing the landscape maintenance at two sites, and grew to secure larger contracts with McDonald’s, Friends of Trees, and Trimet.

Chuey is quick to recognize the support he has received along the way. He expressed gratitude for the many years of work experience he gained at Verde in the sustainable landscaping industry. Trainings on critical landscaping skills, installing rain gardens and installing irrigation gave him the confidence he needed to tackle similar projects independently.

Additionally, Chuey shares enthusiasm for an upcoming 5-year contract with Trimet, which he secured through a connection with a family friend, Jonath Colon, former Hispanic Chamber Vice President. Chuey now maintains 700,000 square feet of MAX Blue and Green Lines.

Its been so wonderful to continue to work with Chuey over the last ten years. We look forward to seeing where his business takes him in the future! Buena suerte, Chuey!

Jess Faunt