Meet the Team

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Moonrose Doherty

Landscape Program Manager

Rose’s current role encompasses program oversight, projects and grants management, partner communications, and  staff development. She has over ten years of project and grants management experience, and five years of program management. She is bilingual in Spanish and English and has a deep commitment to social justice and labor justice.

 Rose grew up in Portland, is an alumni of Portland Community College and Portland State University and has been involved in the region’s community building, public health, and environmental fields.

She has interned and volunteered with Metro, Friends of Trees, PCUN, and habitat restoration organizations. Rose also runs a small sustainable farm that centers on CSA (community supported agriculture) and a landscape business with a specialization in native plants and water conservation. 


Carlina Arango

Landscape Program Coordinator

As Verde’s Landscape Program Coordinator, Carlina is the training liaison for the Landscape Crew Member’s training program. She works with Verde staff and other partners to develop effective training, recruitment and hiring pathways for the crew. She also provides administrative support to the Verde Landscape Program Manager. Carlina grew up in Chicago, attended college in rural Iowa, and moved to Portland in 2016 to experience the great city and the natural and dynamic beauty the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Since moving to Portland, she has ran public health and environmental campaigns through OSPIRG and Environment Oregon, and has worked with Ecotrust’s Food and Farm team on a regional food systems project. She is really excited to work at the intersection of environmental sustainability and social equity through her work at Verde Landscape.


Mateo Fletes

Landscape Crew Supervisor

As the Landscape Crew Supervisor, Mateo schedules crews, supervises crews’ on-site project progress, and coordinates the procurement and scheduled use of resources for Landscape projects. Mateo has a high level of expertise in regional habitat restoration, including the following skills: urban forestry, native plant identification, and overall natural landscaping project coordination and management. Mateo is motivated by the ecological impact of the services Verde Landscape provides; he has a passion for environmentalism that connects back to the natural environment where he was raised in San Blas, Mexico. Mateo came to Verde in 2008, with a background in construction. In his free time, Mateo likes to play soccer and play the guitar.


Antonio Rojas

Landscape Crew Lead

As a crew lead, Antonio manages a small maintenance or stormwater management crew by prioritizing projects, assigning work tasks, using equipment, and monitoring work quality and work schedules. Antonio supports his crew by sharing his expertise on the job in using landscaping equipment and maintaining bioswales. Antonio has been at Verde since 2009. In his free time, he volunteers as a health promoter for Providence Hospital, Catholic Charities, Programa Hispano and other organizations.


Rafael Bautista

Landscape Crew Lead

Rafael specializes as Verde Landscape’s Rain Garden Crew Lead. He leads a small team of apprentice and pre-apprentice crew members on Verde Landscape’s Rain Garden contracts, providing on-the-job training about stormwater management, rain garden design, and native plants. Rafael came to Verde Landscape in 2018, having been familiar with the organization as one of Verde’s green leadership program participants “Lideres Verdes” in 2011. In his free time, Rafael likes to watch movies and spend time playing with his children.


Carlos Lopez

Landscape Crew Lead

Carlos first joined Verde in 2008, working as part of the full-time crew for 6 years before graduating and starting work at another landscape company. Carlos returned to Verde Landscape in April 2019 with plans to start his own Landscape company and looks forward to gaining more skills in design, business planning and English through the Verde Landscape Training Program. Carlos spends his free time with his wife and two kids, attending their sports games and passing time together.


Samuel Martinez

Expert Support Person

Born in the rural countryside of Mexico, Samuel appreciates how his position at Verde allows him to connect to the outdoors. He came to Verde in 2008 through Hacienda CDC as one of the first crew member recruits into the program. In his free time, Samuel does odd jobs with his friends throughout Portland, including landscaping and construction. He spends Sundays resting at home, preparing for the week ahead.


Abel Perez

Expert Support Person

Abel Perez started at Verde Landscape in 2012, bringing with him a year of experience in landscaping. After years of training and gaining on-the-job experience, Abel moved into an Expert Support Person role at Verde Landscape, providing specific guidance and training on rain garden projects. Abel has enjoyed working on rain gardens since he started at Verde, because he enjoys thinking creatively to manage stormwater on site. In his free time, Abel attends his sons’ soccer games and tournaments.


Rosa Flores

Landscape Crew Lead-In-Training

Rosa is passionate about her work, and has particularly enjoyed working on rain garden projects. She joined the Verde Landscape crew in October 2016 after being involved in Verde Outreach activities and hearing about the need for more crew members with the Cully Park construction project. She has experience previously in construction when she worked in Mexico City and has also worked as a wedding dress seamstress and cleaning at hotels. In her free time, Rosa likes to spend time with her kids in nature, including the forests and rivers.


Heraldo Palavecino

Landscape Pre-Apprentice

Heraldo came to Verde in January of 2019 already familiar with the crew and work. He was part of our landscape partner Blossom’s crew, and worked side by side with Verde Landscape on Cully Park. He brings to the crew experience in irrigation having worked on laying pipes for Cully Park, homes and gardens. Heraldo is a self-identify fishing fanatic, and in his free time you might catch him casting a line at one of Oregon or Washington’s beautiful lakes.


Viviana Olguin

Landscape Pre-Apprentice

As a Landscape Pre-Apprentice, Viviana has appreciated getting to learn the landscape trade for the first time, and is quickly picking up skills in maintenance and planting. She came to Verde in February 2019 after moving to Oregon, and finds the Pacific Northwest an inspiring place to work in landscape. Viviana brings with her other trade skills and business ownership experience from when she drove an ice cream truck in California. In her free time, Viviana looks for other work.


Cruz Gonzalez

Landscape Pre-Apprentice

Cruz joined Verde in March 2019, and brings with him some previous experience in landscape maintenance. As a Pre-Apprentice, Cruz is building on his landscape skill set, learning about rain garden design and tree planting, which he especially enjoys. Cruz joined Verde after hearing about the program from previous crew members. In his free time, Cruz volunteers with Prometores de Salud de la Iglesia (Parish Health Promoter Program) and spends time doing work around the house.


Juan Carlos Soreque-Balcazar

Landscape Pre-Apprentice

Juan Carlos joined the Verde Landscape team in October 2018. He has appreciated gaining skills in tree planting and maintenance, and looks forward to learning the skills for all of Verde’s projects. Over time, he hopes to become a crew lead. When he is not a work, Juan Carlos supports his wife at home, who is the main caretaker for their son.